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More than 30 hidden settings for your WordPress website in one simple plugin.

Tune up your website like a pro

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Includes one year of support and updates.

WP Total Control Plugin

WP Total Control gives you complete command of your WordPress website with more than 30 additional settings. No special technical expertise is needed to easily configure important WP actions, filters, the .htaccess file, and the wp-config file. You can also optimize and clean up your database, which will make your website much faster and lighter.

Core Settings

Quickly and easily set the jpeg compression rate, change default email settings, or hide the WP admin bar on the front end.

Posts & Content

Require a featured image for every post, allow PHP or Shortcodes in widgets, and even limit the number revisions saved to your database.

Auto Updates

With just one click, you can configure your site to auto-update all core files, themes, plugins or translations as well as turn on & off debugging mode.

Database Cleanup

Easily clean out unnecessary drafts, revisions, and transients. Also, optimize your database tables with one click.


Want to Tune Up your WordPress?

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Feature List

  • Limit the number of post or page revisions saved
  • Hide the admin bar on front-end
  • Configure the Auto-Save interval when editing content
  • Empty all deleted posts from the trash
  • Require writers to upload a Featured Image when saving posts
  • Disallow duplicate post titles
  • Open all external links in a new tab
  • Add self-link to all uploaded images in posts
  • Enable WordPress cache
  • Enable shortcodes in text widgets
  • Enable Debug mode
  • Auto-update everything
  • Auto-update WP Core
  • Auto-update plugins
  • Auto-update themes
  • Auto-update translations
  • Enable Maintenance mode
  • Set title and text for Maintenance mode
  • Route Debugging data to screen or to a log file
  • Remove WordPress Version Number from the HTML Head
  • Don't show login errors
  • Auto-select the “Remember me” checkbox on login
  • Configure how many days the login auth cookie is valid
  • Change default WP email sender name
  • Change default WP email sender address
  • Remove support for WP emojis
  • Customize the default JPEG quality setting
  • Clean out unwanted revisions, drafts, trash, spam and transient variables
  • Optimize your database tables
  • Disable all RSS Feeds
  • Disable XML-RPC access

Fine tune your WordPress Install

The WP Total Control WordPress Plugin enables you to easily and quickly access over 30 hidden WordPress settings and procedures that you can use to make your site run efficiently.

Exclusive early adopter price
just $29
(reg. price $49)

Money back guarantee.
Includes one year of support and updates.

WP Total Control Plugin Logo

 Fine tune WordPress like a pro™


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